Welcome To Real Electronics
Real Electronics provides a range of technical services for customers in the audio-visual market.
We are the approved service centre for some of the best known companies in the audio visual sector and work with a range of customers from vintage hi-fi enthusiasts to large corporations.

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Services we offer
Amplifier Repairs
We provide repairs for a number of amplifier brands including Powersoft, MarkBass, TC Electronic, Randall, Marshall, Brunetti, Blackstar, Peavey, Mesa Boogie and many more.
Speaker Repairs
We offer a complete speaker repair service covering all makes and models - including a full re-coning service for all brands, including Tannoy, Martin Audio, Cerwin Vega and more.
Keyboard Repairs
Every type and model of keyboard can be repaired, including electronics and mechanical faults for a range of manufactures such as Casio, Roland, Korg, and Studiologic.
Microphone Repairs
We carry out microphone repairs, including cosmetic repairs, capsule replacements, loose connections, noise issues and valve replacements.
Studio Equipment Repairs
We work with a number of music studios and small bands across the UK to provide fast turnround for repairs and service of mixing desks, pre-amps, delays, keyboards etc.
Lighting repairs
We provide electrical and mechanical services for lighting effects units, LEDís, moving heads, dimmers, special effects and video projectors.
Deaf Loop Repairs
We carry out repairs for amplifiers, microphones and radio, induction and infrared transmitters used in deaf loop systems.
Cables & Racks
We make custom leads and audio-visual rack systems for recording studios, PA hire companies, cinemas and other customers.
Vintage & Upcycling
We provide a range of electrical and mechanical restoration and upcycling services for vintage hi-fi and PA equipment including amplifiers, turntables, reel-to-reel tape decks, mini-disc players, etc.
Other Repairs
Our engineers undertake a wide variety of specialist electronic and mechanical repair services for companies without internal technical support.
Corporate Services
We take care of product warranty and service issues for a range of audio-visual product manufacturers in the pro-audio, cinema, retail and corporate markets.
We provide software and hardware service and repairs for Apple and Windows based laptops. We specialise in restoration of lap tops following drink spillages and are able to work at board level.
Audio Testing
We offer a range of professional audio tests for your amplifiers and speakers that can give you certainty that their performance is top notch.